What our customers say!

Worked first time! Brilliant system. Well thought through. Full marks.
Good morning, I just want to thank you for this superb piece of software. It was a daunting task, but your company made it so simple. 1st return filed.    
Jackie Moffat
Thanks for making your sales blurb easy to understand and to have a test download. It was so easy to use after reading up on all the press etc which made it sound as if you needed a software package to replace all the things one does nowadays. Using the data from our EPOS system to load some of it onto our all embracing software means the bridging software is just entering on your software what I would normally enter on the HMRC VAT web page – simple!
Janet Oades
Charity Treasurer
Thank you for making a great yet simple product to save us from MTD!
And I want to thank you for your bridging tool. I just used it to file my first MTD VAT return and it all went through smoothly. And your service surround on www.chm-software.co.uk/clienthome was all useful too. You deserve your £7.50 fee. Prior to this I spent a full couple of weeks (and much more than £7.50 in fees) trialling Xero to try to shoehorn my small multi-currency business into it, until I finally gave up and reverted to spreadsheets.
Having used your MTD VAT software, I would just like to say how easy it was to use and I am very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend your product on.