Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Bridging software is a digital tool used to send data from the VAT return (boxes 1-9) within a spreadsheet to HMRC’s Government Gateway.

Our bridging tool consists of an add-in ‘front sheet’ that can be incorporated into any Excel multi-sheet spreadsheet that a business uses to maintain its digital records. Our bridging tool will need to be digitally linked to that businesses VAT calculations to create the boxes 1-9. Within the bridging tool will be a filing button which will send the details of the return to a secure webpage for filing. The contents of the VAT return will be pre-populated to mirror the spreadsheet version, and the user can file securely using their Government Gateway credentials.

The key element is that data is transferred digitally from the spreadsheet to the filing webpage without the manual keying in of data. With this simple tool, anyone with a multi-tab MTD-compliant spreadsheet can now file their VAT return with HMRC.

We at are the solution for those businesses still opting to use spreadsheets for MTD VAT. We understand that spreadsheets are vital for many businesses and so have created an excel add-in VAT filing tool which can be integrated into any Excel XLS workbook both for Mac and Windows systems.

This simple add-in front sheet will enable any individual or agent to submit the Box 9 VAT return to HMRC as required under MTD VAT from their excel spreadsheet.

Process to filing through

  1. Download our FREE excel add-in
  2. Link up to any existing spreadsheet or spreadsheets exported from non-API enabled accounting software (non MTD compliant) using our step by step guide on how to link.
  3. Once linked up VAT return data and entered VAT details, press submit
  4. The VAT return data will then be sent securely to our web portal for secure filing
  5. Receive confirmation of submission and download filed VAT return for your records

Our excel add-in will be Free to download and integrate within your bookkeeping spreadsheets, our expert team only a call away to assist where needed.

Get in touch if you require any assistance or have any questions – click here.

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